An informative guide on selecting the right tissue paper.


Tissue paper is an ultra lightweight paper sheet. It can be made from various materials like corn starch, virgin cellulose fiber, bamboo pulp, recycled paper pulp, or cornstarch. Nowadays, tissue paper is an extensively used material in our daily routine life. The utterance tissue is a derivative of French word tissue, which means cloth. Tissue paper products include paper towels and toilet paper which play a significant role in the contemporary lifestyle of people. They assist to maintain enhanced hygiene, convenience and comfort in our society. Tissue paper products are featured with suppleness, smoothness, ultra-lightweight, and absorbency. Tissue paper users can enjoy all this goodness simultaneously.

We need tissue paper in the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, toilet, car, etc. While traveling, we wish to keep a handy pack of tissue paper with us, because during travel its requirement is absolutely unique. Without tissue paper our lives can be disordered. It is available in diverse sizes with scent or without scent, imprinted or simple, and colored or white. You can choose among these variants with respect to your fondness. Especially, in this pandemic season the usage of tissue paper has increased extensively as it can help us remain hygienic. Thus, the consumption of tissue paper is improving day after day. So, nobody can deny the fact that tissue paper has been transformed as our utmost necessity.

However, while buying tissue paper we have to consider certain factors with great importance. Here are some valuable tips which can help you choose and buy tissue paper effortlessly.


Tissue paper is generally manufactured from three main raw materials or pulp, and they include wood-containing or mechanical pulp, wood-free or chemical pulp, and recycled paper pulp. Wood containing pulp can be mostly bamboo pulp, whereas recovered papers are used to make recycled paper pulp. Wood-free or chemical pulp is also known as virgin fiber. The tissue paper manufactured from these materials is gentle and smooth in appearance. Let us see the different raw materials typically used for making tissue papers.

a. Bamboo pulp

The paper tissue made from bamboo pulp will be free of plastic or chemicals. Mostly toilet tissue rolls and facial tissue papers are made from the raw material of bamboo pulp, because it doesn’t contain any kind of dyes or chemicals that may irritate or rash the skin. Bamboo pulp is known to be the more relevant option than virgin pulp, because bamboo tree re-grows speedily if its trunk is cut down once.

b. Recycled raw material

Recycled tissue paper is manufactured from recycled materials like newspaper parts. They are collected and put into water to prepare the pulp, and then processing is carried out to remove ink. Following this, the pulp is processed to get the raw material bleached, and after that, the pulp is dried to make the required tissue rolls. All high quality as well as high-performance tissue papers are manufactured from 100% recycled matter. So, recycled tissue paper can guarantee higher grades with premium quality. It is commonly used for catering and cleaning services. The pulp prepared by the recycling process is less expensive than the raw material virgin fiber.

c. Virgin fiber or virgin paper

Virgin fiber or virgin paper is that raw material which is not used earlier to make pulp or paper. The virgin material is first fragmented, squashed, and then turned into the requisite tissue roll. Virgin tissue papers are easily available, cost-effective, and soft in nature. So, virgin pulp is widely used to make toilet paper rolls, because softness is the key factor needed in toilet paper.

Number of ply

Tissue paper varies from one ply to four-ply. When the number of ply increases the strength and durability of tissue paper also gets enhanced. However, one single-ply is enough to provide a thicker sheet of the tissue paper. 1 ply means the product is a single layer tissue paper, 2 ply implies the tissue paper with 2 layers, 3 ply stands for 3 tissue layers, and similarly 4 ply will be a tissue paper with 4 layers. Each additional layer offers extra thickness and strength to the respective tissue paper, and improves the ultra absorption quality and softness of the product. So, it is better to choose the tissue papers having utmost layers to ensure its ultra thickness and durability.

Use OBA free and ECF tissue paper

Both Optical Brightening Agent (OBA) and Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) are not good for skin health, and environment. The tissue rolls which have irritating fragrances, optical brightening agent, elemental chlorine, dyes or other harmful chemicals are not safe to be used, and hence, avoid using such paper tissues. Since Chlorine can pollute air and water, the paper tissues containing these bleaching agents are not desirable to use. They can develop skin problems in so many ways, and hence are harmful to your environment and health. So always search for ECF and OBA-free tissue papers that are absolutely safe to use.

Hypoallergenic tissue paper

Hypoallergenic tissue paper is ideal for people who are allergic or sensitive to dyes, perfumes, or pungent smell. Hypoallergenic tissue papers are made of cl3 to help sensitive people who are susceptible to scented products.

Biodegradable tissue paper

Tissue paper made of biodegradable material is eco-friendly and absolutely harmless for your skin health and environment. You can straightforwardly throw away the tissue paper made of biodegradable material, because it doesn’t damage the environment even after discarding the same. So, being a responsible and civilized citizen, it is very important for you to maintain your environment neat and clean, which in turn will help you to keep your health safe. To make this come true, you can opt for biodegradable paper tissues which are safer for your health as well as environment.


Softness is certainly a key factor while purchasing a paper tissue for your face or toilet. You may consider the tissue papers which have maximum ply layers with ultra-softness and utmost absorbent feature. Ultra-Soft tissue papers are gentle and supple to touch, and ensure vast coverage. You can choose any noteworthy brand that claims to give ultra-soft tissue paper with added absorbency features.


The strength of paper tissue is a vital factor that cannot be left unnoticed. Strong, durable, and thick tissue paper lasts longer, and makes cleaning and absorbing effortlessly possible. Tissue papers having good strength are normally washable, reusable, and hence very much cost-effective.

Design of tissue paper

Nowadays, a number of different tissue papers are available in the market. These include paper towels, tissue rolls, face wipes, tissue boxes, toilet rolls, and napkins. They can be seen in different colors, prints, and designs. Some other tissue papers are available as printed, embossed, scented, and quilted. You can make options according to your preference, and requirements.


Cost is not at all a topic while choosing the best tissue paper. A large variety of tissue papers can be purchased from the market from lower price to higher price. Since, this is a matter of cleanliness and hygiene, you need not compromise on quality with cost. However, there are numerous durable, soft, and ultra-absorbent tissue papers which come within your budget. You can plan to buy such tissue paper in bulk as they won’t get perished easily.

Additional factors

Some additional factors you have to consider while buying tissue papers are tissue sheet per roll, easy tearing of tissue, size of the tissue sheet, etc.

Types of tissue papers

In general, following are the tissue papers available in the market

Facial tissue paper

As the name indicates, face cleaning is the main purpose of this tissue paper. This is a light printed tissue paper, and typically possess 2 to 3 ply. Facial tissue papers are normally manufactured from virgin material to provide ultra-softness with a gentle feel.

Kitchen paper towel

These are of great quality tissue papers. It is desirable to choose a kitchen paper towel that is washable, reusable, and long-lasting. Kitchen paper towel should have the quality and strength to absorb water, oil, or other leakages.

Toilet paper roll

Toilet paper roll is the extensively used tissue paper variety. It is available in different sizes, and colors with utmost softness and absorbency feature. Toilet tissue paper is generally manufactured from recycled material. It is used for wiping, cleaning and also acts as a safety towel for hands.

Paper napkins

Paper napkins are used in restaurants, during a party or in any other events on the dining table. It is typically used to protect your clothes while having your meal. Since paper napkins are absorbent in nature, they are capable of guarding your clothes from the strong ingredients of the meal recipes.

You may go through the aforementioned factors before going to purchase the tissue papers. As there are different tissue papers, remember to choose the right one as per your requirement. Never try to buy products which are beyond your planned budget.